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Oxted - Past & Present

The Mill in Spring Lane Oxted ~        

still the same view over the Century

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5" Snow in Oxted 6th April 2008 - click here


The Homeland Handbooks - front cover 1904 The Homeland Handbooks published 1904. This edition featured Oxted, Limpsfield and Edenbridge from which many of the images below are taken

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The Hoskin's Hotel as it was in 1900's

The Hoskin's Arms Hotel was originally located at the junction of Church Lane and the A25. Later it was rebuilt and sited by the roundabout of Church Lane and Station Road West - subsequently, that building itself was replaced by the present apartments building
Berry & Sons in Oxted 1900's
This building can still be seen adjacent to the walkway in Station Road West by the railway station
Charles Chandler & Sons in Oxted 1904
Charles Chandler & Sons store in Oxted was a significant enterprise in its time
Herbert Sharp in Oxted
This picture would have been taken about 1903

Oxted Sanitary Laundry in nearby Hurst Green

This modern looking buildings complex is located in nearby Hurst Green