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Remote Backup

Ever wondered what a contingency plan should really be like ?

Ants nest

Well, if you disturb an ants nest - leave it alone for ½ an hour and the likelihood is, that on your return all the eggs will have been safely removed by the ants ! How on earth do they do that so quickly ?

We don't provide Ants Nests but we can provide Remote Backup !

We have used Remote Backup Systems software for our clients backup needs since 2003. The service has proved itself many times restoring clients data. Remote Backup utilises the existing Broadband connection at no expense to make backups out-of-hours. Data is fully encrypted to Ministry of Defence standards - only the client can read the backups.

The system is in place 24 hours a day . Should a restore be necessary, clients can easily carry this out themselves through the direct link, but technical support is always available. Unlike competitors, our service provides regular backup snapshots each month as well as the ongoing incremental backup. In this way there is no danger of losing data because the daily incremental has become corrupted - something competitors don't talk about !

Costs: typical backup regimes start from as little as £180 per annum - a small price to pay for peace of mind ! Even very large backup clients are not likely to pay more than £30 monthly and for that sum we can cover up to 50 gigabytes of data per annum - a considerable service for small cost

Remote Backup Systems, Inc. (RBS), founded in 1987, provides online backup software used by Remote Backup Services to provide internet-based online backups. We are headquartered in Collierville, TN - a suburb of Memphis.

RBS is by far the oldest online backup company in the world. The company's founder coined the now-popular term, Remote Backup. Remote Backup Systems defined the technical protocol that is now used as the standard for moving backups of microcomputer data files around the Internet.