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Zyxel Hotspot Gateway Solution

All-in-one hotspot gateway

ZyXEL G-4100 v2 is an all-in-one hotspot gateway that provides secure Internet access on either a free or charged basis - whichever  the business owner wants. It provides authentication and accounting functions for both wireless and wired clients. It supports up to 100 concurrent users.


It works with the SP-200E, statement printer, to automatically generate and print-out the account, password, and pre-configured time for internet access hours - it's all there in this one simple-to-use package.

Scalable and easy to mange user-authentication and accounting.
It will appeal to all types of businesses such as coffee shops, book stores, hotels or resorts. It does not need any other hardware or software to provide the hotspot service.
Best hotspot user experience with security and privacy
To provide the best hotspot user experience, the G-4100 v2 is featured with rich networking functions, including IP PnP function, DHCP server, NAT, MAC address filtering, IP address filtering, etc. The IP PnP technology enables the ultimate user-experience of "No configuration needed at all". It transparently take care of the IP networking, dramatically improving user-satisfaction and reducing to a minimum the need for technical support . Users no longer need to change the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, web proxy or even the SMTP server settings. IP address filtering technology works behind the scenes to ensure each user's privacy is protected and that sensitive data is not exposed in public.
Tailor-made Hotspot gateway
With its powerful marketing features, businesses can customize the log-in page; redirect users to an advertisement URL link, or provide limited internet access to the owner's home page. It can generate excellent additional income to the business whilst at the same time providing a much needed service to the business's clientele - all at little cost


Solutions including installation & setup from just £585 + vat
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